Health Insurance For Dogs – Questions Every Dog Owner Should Ask

Health insurance for dogs has been around for many years. But until recently, the options for providers has been slim. A number of companies have entered the market in recent years to help fill this void. These new companies provide a number of coverage options to fit your family’s budget and needs.

Before choosing an insurance provider for your dog, you need to do your research. Here are a few questions to consider when choosing the right provider for your loved one.

Is your dog pure-breed or mixed-breed?
Mixed breed dogs are actually easier and cheaper to insure because they are not at risk for many of the congenital and hereditary diseases that many pure breeds are. And if your dog is a mixed breed and you don’t have the breed-specific illnesses to worry about, you may want to opt or an ‘Accident only’ plan which is the most inexpensive route to take for covering your pet.

Are there any inherent diseases within my dog’s breed or bloodline?
If you have a purebred dog, know what diseases are inherent in your breed, and make sure those illnesses are covered under the plan you are seeking. One of the problems with the old-school providers of insurance for dogs is that they never covered congenital diseases. If your dog came down with one of these illnesses that are breed specific, trey denied your claim and left you with this vet bill and all subsequent bills for this illness. This leads into the next question you have to ask.

Do they cover preexisting conditions?
Preexisting conditions is a tricky and touchy topic between dog owners and insurance providers. Make sure you understand what the provider defines as a ‘preexisting condition’ before you sign up for their program. Most insurance providers (even the good ones) will try to find a way to link two completely unrelated diseases together because their symptoms appear similar. The more reputable companies will provide, up front, a list of preexisting conditions that will or will not be covered.

Is lab work covered?
One of the most frustrating expenses for dog owners is lab work. A routine visit to the vet can easily blossom into $400 or more just because of tests and lab work. Even on simple procedures, lab work can be up to 40% of the cost of the procedure.

Is dental work covered?
Many veterinary offices are pushing teeth cleaning for your dog. It is a very simple procedure which takes a minimal amount of time for the vet and the vet can make a pretty decent profit. But this is a procedure that is very important to the health of your dog. Small breed dogs in particular need to have regular teeth cleaning to stay healthy. Terriers and toy dogs are susceptible to tooth loss and gum disease if regular cleanings are not maintained. So if you have a breed that may be prone to these conditions, check to see if it is covered by the plan you are looking into.

How old is the dog you want to insure?
Many insurance providers will not cover dogs aver the age of 6-8 years with a typical plan. Some companies do offer a Senior Plan to provide insurance for dogs over 8 years of age. And almost all will not provide insurance for dogs under the age of 12 months due to the initial cost of puppy-hood.

Do they cover preventives?
Preventive medicines are another topic to check before deciding on coverage. It is usually not covered except under the most advanced plans. But covering your pet with flea control and other parasitic dangers can save thousands of dollars in surgical care and treatment later and may also add healthy and happy hears to your dog’s life.

These are just some of the important questions to ask when considering an insurance plan for your dog. The cost may seem high at first. But when you consider the cost of today’s veterinary medicine and how important your dog is to your family, I think you too will realize that health insurance for dogs is well worth the investment.

QuickCare Pet Insurance has many Programs to fit your particular needs and budget.

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Medical Insurance for Dogs, Is Your Dog Eligible?

Medical insurance for dogs is rapidly becoming an essential part of owning a dog.

Many new dog owners are shocked to find out about the high cost of Veterinary care. Costs for a canine emergency can quickly get way out of hand! That’s where medical insurance for dogs can come in very handy.

However, medical insurance for dogs can be as confusing and overwhelming as regular human health insurance. We all know how mind boggling and expensive that can be!

Here are some tips to help you decide whether your pup is eligible for medical insurance for dogs:

– If you have a puppy, he will need to be of a certain age before he is eligible to be insured. If you’re not sure how old your new puppy is Your Veterinarian can make a very educated guess and the insurance company will most likely accept his evaluation.

– If your pet is sick he will not be eligible for coverage unless or until he gets better. Most providers of medical insurance for dogs are very strict about pre-existing conditions.

– If you have an older dog who has never been covered most quality providers will still cover him, however the premiums will most likely be higher.

– Some providers of medical insurance for dogs will cover your dog if he or she hasn’t been spayed or neutered but they will do so with many exclusions including prostate problems, testicular tumors, mammary and or ovarian conditions just to name a few. It is a very good idea to get your dog spayed or neutered prior to his or her first birthday.

– Most providers of medical insurance for dogs will require a waiting period before the insurance kicks in no matter how old or in what medical condition your dog is in. These vary greatly, so check with your chosen provider.

-Most providers will require that your dog be covered prior to it’s first birthday in order to eligible for hip dysplasia coverage. This may also vary by breed. Some breeds are far more susceptible to this condition than others. If your dog does develop this malady, it will probably occur early in life. Hence the requirement to be covered prior to the first birthday.

Medical insurance for dogs is really a must for almost any new dog owner. If you have a relatively young and healthy dog you should not have any problems getting covered while paying a decent premium.

Good luck and hopefully your dog stays healthy!

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Insurance For Dog Owners – Now You Can Finally Relax!

Insurance for dog owners is now readily available. Health insurance for animals is not a new concept, but though the Europeans are well accustomed to the idea, we Americans are just realizing how many options we have for ensuring the health of our best friends. There is an insurance plan specifically suited to your dog’s lifestyle. Is your dog a pamper pooch who spends all of her time indoors? There will be a policy specifically suited to her. Is your dog the rough outdoorsy type? There will be a policy crafted to deal with his energetic and dangerous life. Pet insurance is more flexible than ever, allowing you to choose a policy as uniquely suited to your life and pocketbook as it is to your dog’s personality and health needs.

To get the best insurance for dog health needs you will want to do some comparison shopping, ask advice from your vet, and hear from other pet owners about their experiences with pet insurance. Think about such things as pre-existing conditions, genetic predisposition and how the companies you are looking at treat these exclusions. Think about the deductible amounts and the pay out limits to be sure that you will have enough money to cover the costs that your insurance doesn’t.

Insurance for dog veterinarian costs is plentiful, and in many cases extremely affordable. By covering your dog’s health care needs you can relax, secure in the knowledge that if anything happens your dog will be taken care of. Insurance policies come in a variety of coverage levels, from the basic accident and emergency cover only to a complete ‘ears to tail’ health policy that even helps defray the cost of routine care. The choice of policy is entirely dependent upon your financial situation and what level of coverage is most useful to you. No-one knows you or your dog better, so be confident in your ability to make the right choice.

When you are looking at insurance for dog health care costs the number of choices can seem confusing and a bit overwhelming. Remember that you are your dog are the center of the equation. Decide what you need, decide what you can afford and search for a policy that can match those two requirements. Getting a good health insurance policy for your dog is one of the best things you can do as an owner, both for his health and for your peace of mind.

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Pet Insurance For Dogs – Why You Should Protect Your Protector

Pet insurance for dogs is a simple and relatively inexpensive way that you can protect your protector. Dogs are notoriously loyal. They bond deeply with their families (packs) and take a definite interest in every aspect of family life. If you are sick your dog will show an amazing sensitivity, offering love, support and fever cooling licks with abandon. Dog’s have an internal radar the helps them sense when something is wrong and they will immediately let you know that they are there for you. You want to be there for them with the same level of sensitivity.

Dogs are also adept at hiding their own pain. They seem to feel that to let you know they are suffering would be an imposition and so they often suffer in silence. Veterinarians are highly trained medical professionals whose patients don’t happen to be able to speak. Vets must learn to read and understand non-verbal signals and body language to help them in the diagnostic procedure. But in order to detect anything that might be wrong with your dog, the vet will need to see them regularly so that changes can be noted. This is where pet insurance for dogs comes in.

When you invest in a wellness care policy for your dog, you will be able to take your dog to the vet for regular preventive check-ups allowing for the early detection and correction of medical problems – before they become debilitating. Routine care pet insurance for dogs acknowledges that dogs are active, inquisitive and somewhat accident prone. Dog owners are much more likely than cat owners to visit the vet’s surgery multiple times each year. Investing in a policy that covers both routine preventive care and accident and injury care will ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy deep into old age.

You want to give your dog the best of everything and one very important way you can demonstrate your affection is by investing in pet insurance for dogs. Your dog will nurse you when you are sick, cheer for you when you win a race, commiserate with you when you lose. Your dog will shoulder the responsibilities of guard dog, nanny, doorman and vacuum cleaner. Your dog will forgive instantly any abuse and return angry words with loving looks. Your dog will never complain about the quality of his food or the softness of his bed. Your dog is the most loyal companion you will ever have and all he wants in return is your love and attention.

Sherry Harris is the author of a wide range of dog topics including, but not limited to: dog insurance, puppy training, dog grooming, pet travel, dog training and much more. Your dog means the world to you, and that is why you need to make sure you have pet insurance. Dog insurance offers you a way to budget your vet’s bill.

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Health Insurance For Dog

Ever think about health insurance for dog? Look at all you have insured in your family, and isn’t Fido worth cat and dog health insurance? Just as medical insurance is essential for humans, you will find that dog insurance can be just as vital.

With the cost of vet bills rising, you will need to be sure that you take a proactive approach to this process and ensure that your pet does end up with the insurance that they need. After all, the uninsured pet can end up with thousands of dollars in medical bills over the course of a single year. Since many of the types of health insurance for dog can cover the essentials at almost no cost to you, cat and dog insurance can prove to be vital to have.

77% of vets agreed that dog owners underestimate the cost of treatment for their canines, so 96% of vets think it is a good idea to get insurance for dog in the family. There are so many dog health questions, and with vet bills on the rise, it is good to know that there is dog insurance out there to give us dog owner’s peace of mind.

When you look at the insurance options you have, you will note that payments directly correlate to the amount of coverage provided. The most common will be a monthly fee that you pay for cat and dog insurance. However, there are plans that will allow you to pay annually or semi-annually as well. Keep in mind that while different companies can offer the same plans, certain insurance providers will pay the vet directly, while others will reimburse you after you’ve paid through a check.

When you have the all-inclusive plan of cat and dog health insurance, you will find that your pet has the highest level of coverage. These plans not only cover the cost for basic blood tests and shots that your pet receives, but also this insurance for dog covers a variety of the following: accidents, surgery, spay or neuter, dental procedures, annual checkup, kennel fees and illnesses

When you look at the standard health plans, you will note that these plans cover the essential basics your pet will need like accidents and illnesses up to a certain amount. Wellness coverage and cancer protection are usually an additional fee. While they do cover accidents, illness and more, you will find that they don’t offer the depth and completed coverage than an all-inclusive plan can, but their monthly payment is lower, usually around $16 to $28 a month.

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